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Subtle Steelheading

Posted by Jake Horne on 12/31/2017
Subtle Steelheading

It’s that time of year here in the Midwest where we’re fully locked into the icy grips of the polar vortex. With temperatures in the single digits, days on the water are few and far between. So when those random warm ups come you have to be ready and make them count.

412ube River Techniques

Posted by Ron (Pete) Cartwright on 8/31/2017
412ube River Techniques
The 412ube
Smallies on the Yough Guide Service LLC
Ron (Pete) Cartwright

Bait Types
Tubes are versatile enough to mimic different types of bait.  This depends largely on how they're used.  Bait imitated by tubes include:

First Impressions: NEW 412 Free Minnow

Posted by Eric Boyd on 10/26/2016
I am a big fan of the 5” free minnow from 412. My favorite way to fish the original 5” free minnow is wacky style on a dead drift in current - or cast along the bank wacky style with slight twitches on a slack line.  I was very skeptical when Donald introduced the NEW free minnow because I knew that he was taking a great bait and changing it.

Dropshotting 412

Posted by Jake Horne on 6/10/2016
Dropshotting 412
With this crazy spring we're having summer might seem far away. But nows the time to start planning and brushing up on your deepwater tactics. There are many ways to fish deep water from crankbaits to Carolina rigs. But there's one that consistently produces for me in even the toughest conditions. The dropshot is an extremely productive and versatile rig. Here are some tips and tricks to help you out during those tough conditions on the water.

Let's Get Down to Business

Posted by Donald Corbett on 1/14/2016
Let's Get Down to Business

Let’s get down to business

So far I’ve written about myself as both a business owner and a person to give everyone a feel for who I am and what I believe in. Now it’s time to get down to business and tell everyone what they want to hear. How do I stay competitive and make the most of my limited time on the water?  You’ll be surprised at just what some of my secrets are.

Fishing with the Boss

Posted by Josh Agee on 12/30/2015
  It was a cool and misty morning on October 24, the morning of the River Bassin Trail National Championship.  As Donald Corbett, Michael Holmes, and I sat at the launch site cutting up, swapping stories, and posting teaser pics of our launch, I was forcing myself to suppress my nervousness.  As the newest addition to the 412 Bait Co. Fishing Team, in my mind this was my “big interview.”  

Professional Kayak Fisherman and Step Parent

Posted by Donald Corbett on 12/1/2015
I joke about the title because these two things seem to be the things that plague me most. By no means do I see myself as a professional in either case. At some point anyone who does well in tournaments or competing in anything sits back and thinks can I make a run at this? I was that guy. I won four tournaments last year and placed in three more. I was on top of the world. This year I finished 5th overall for the year in the River Bassin trail as well as notable finishes in others but somewhere along the line of working too hard and fishing too hard I lost track of what really matters.

My American Dream must be different than some

Posted by Donald Corbett on 9/21/2015
I was awake tossing and turning for hours last night thinking about what 412BaitCo has become and how hard I’ve worked to get it there. I also thought about just how hard I’m going to have to work for quite some time to do it a way I feel is right. At one point I had over 90 orders backed up and I can only imagine there were some unhappy customers.