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First Impressions: NEW 412 Free Minnow

Posted by Eric Boyd on 10/26/2016

I am a big fan of the 5” free minnow from 412. My favorite way to fish the original 5” free minnow is wacky style on a dead drift in current - or cast along the bank wacky style with slight twitches on a slack line.  I was very skeptical when Donald introduced the NEW free minnow because I knew that he was taking a great bait and changing it.  I knew there would be more action and it scared me. My fear was that the bait would be so radically different from it’s predecessor that what I once fished as a finesse bait would now have “too much” action for finesse presentations.  

YES - the new free minnow has tons of action.  The new minnow has so much action that it is a better soft jerk bait or fluke style bait than the original - with the ability to be “burned on top”, walked high in the water column, turn 180 degrees on a slight twitch,  or just “quivered” on a slack line. The tournament series formula also allows this bait to stay down in the water column better than other fluke style baits.  As a fluke style bait, the action and versatility of the free minnow places it in a class by itself.  

NO - it does not have “too much” action for finesse.  This bait excels on the wacky rig.  Dead drifting in current, this bait due to the segmented body, reacts to current in a more natural, life-like manner than the original.  Also when cast to the bank in slack water, the bait can be manipulated with less effort by the angler on a slack line.  As a “finesse” bait, I do not believe that this bait has “too much” action as originally thought.  The angler can just impart the same action - or more - with less effort.   

FINAL THOUGHT - The new free minnow in one word can be described as “versatile”.

412 Bait Co. by Donald Corbett has produced a new king of versatility. Whether fished as a fluke or a stickbait, the new free minnow excels.