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412 Team

Noah Heck
Noah was raised near a 23-acre lake in Western Pennsylvania by parents who both love fishing and always had a boat. His father was a local tournament angler who had him fishing as soon as he was strong enough to yield a rod and reel. While they still fish buddy tournaments together to this day, Noah's true passion is now kayak fishing, and it is one of few aspects in his life where he feels at peace and one with the outdoors. He has taken that passion to another level by serving as president of Kayak Anglers, a non-profit organization with a strong focus not only on kayak fishing but also on charity and community. Noah fishes all water types, from Lake Erie to small creeks near Pittsburgh, PA. When not competing, he spends his days enjoying what nature has to offer with his wife and son while introducing as many new folks as possible to the spectacular sport of kayak fishing that we all know and love.

Randy Bergin
With a profession in “Winter Sports”, Randy has made it his "job" as a Kayak Angler to be on the water as much as possible in the spring and summer months. Born and raised Central NY, Higher Education brought him to Buffalo NY and he hasn't left since. Coming from a family rooted in the sportsman tradition, he has dedicated the last several years to Kayak Fishing and the progression of the sport in Western NY. You can find him on any given day in his Jackson Kayaks in Buffalo’s Inner or Outer Harbors On Lake Erie Or floating around the Niagara River in search of trophy Smallmouth or whatever other critter may be hungry for a little 412 Bait Co treat!
He will be Organizating and Directing the tournament trail of Kayak-Anglers of Central NY as well as fishing with Kayak-Anglers of Western Pa and , Riverbassin Tournament Trail, along with other local and Regional Events

Aaron Stiger
Fishing has been a way of life for Aaron Stiger since he was a young child.  The curiosity and wonderment of what is lurking under the water, just waiting to strike, has always captivated him.  Other hobbies come and go, but fishing will always be a pastime that will hold a constant place in his life.
Aaron picked up kayak fishing in 2009 when he realized that banks were far too restrictive, and boats simply could not go to the uncharted waters a kayak could reach.  Since his first cast in a kayak, Aaron’s passion for fishing was taken to a new level, as he realized nature’s sights and sounds are amplified through the experience.
From the small rivers, creeks, and lakes in West-Central, Ohio to the shores of Lake Erie, Aaron has been fortunate to land many citation-level fish angling from his kayak.  Learning from others and applying that information has played a huge part in his fishing success.  Aaron believes the knowledge-base and helpfulness of kayak fishing community cannot be understated as it has been invaluable to his growth as an angler.
As a 412 Team Member, Aaron is looking forward to contributing his experience, knowledge and passion to help others develop their skills and make the most out of their time on the water.

Check out promotional video by 412 Team member Aaron Stiger:

Eric Atkins
Eric Atkins is an aerospace engineer, amateur photographer, and avid kayak fisherman who lives in North Alabama.  He calls Lake Guntersville and the Flint River his home waters and fishes from a 2015 Jackson Kayak Big Rig.  His photos have been used in fishing magazines and websites across the web to include Trout Underground, Fox Sports Outdoors, and
Eric began bass fishing competitively in 2014.  In his first year of competitive fishing, he was a Top 20 River Bassin’ Tournament Trail angler.  Eric also fishes the Kayak Bass Series and is an organizer of the North Alabama Kayak Angling Tournament Trail.
His favorite 412 Bait Company lures are the Phase III Spinnerbait and Yoda Swimbait.  He caught his personal best Spotted Bass on a Phase III + Yoda combo in Dreamsicle color while prefishing for the 2014 River Bassin’ National Championship.

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412 Team Member Eric Atkins with Phase III Dreamsicle and Dreamsicle yoda trailer:

Michael Schiffbauer
Smallies on the Yough Pro Staff
Smallies on the Yough Guide Service 
Mike is a Father of 2, Spouse to 1, General Contractor by trade and Captain of the RiverPro.  Mike enjoys fishing for multiple species on the Youghiogheny River where he is a spare-time smallmouth guide with Smallies on the Yough Guide Service .  Mike primarily fishes from his jet boat, but is learning to use wade fishing as a valuable tool thanks to his friend and guiding partner Pete Cartwright.  Although Muskies and Smallmouth bass are Mike’s passion, he has learned to enjoy anything that feels like putting up a fight including Pike, Walleye and Trout.  Mike earned a degree in Environmental Engineering from Penn State and is committed to preserving and improving the quality of our waterways.  To Mike, fishing is all about the complete experience… the Friends, the fresh air, the flowing water and the BIG FISH!

Ron "Pete" Cartwright
 Pete is married and currently owns a lawn care business and has been doing that work for a while in Pennsylvania. He also guides on the Allegheny and Youghiogheny rivers for Smallmouth Bass for Smallies on the Yough along with Guide Michael Schiffbauer. He has been fishing rivers and streams since he was a little boy here in Pennsylvania. As a child he would catch anything that would eat his bait but in his teens he knew that he loved Smallmouth so he began to focus all his fishing on them. Now he chases smallies all over Western PA in rivers and streams from large rivers to small streams he fishes them 100+ days a year. He wades mostly but also boats and floats those rivers for Bronzebacks. He has recently been in fishing articles about Smallmouth Bass in Bass Angler Magazine and North American Fisherman. He tries to be a teacher of fishing and to show people how to handle and catch fish with minimal risk to the fish using barbless hooks on all of his baits.

“I would just like for everyone to enjoy the entire experience of being in the water out in the wild wading in rivers and streams at least once in their life”.

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Josef Kraft
Josef is married to a loving wife and has two boys. He is a General Manager in the food industry and an avid tournament fisher. Josef fell in love with kayak fishing a few years ago an has been hooked ever since. When he's not working or spending time with the family he's thinking about fishing. Favorite 412 bait is the Phase III Spinner and the baby bass Free Worm. Josef hopes to keep expanding his fishing knowledge and passing it on to his family for years to come.

Larry Schuster

Founder of Jersey Shore Kayak Fishing Club –
Heroes On The Water – Veteran guide and chapter hand, HOW NJ Chapter
Business Owner – Schuster’s Toms River Car Wash, 33 years at same location –
Active tournament kayak fisher – KBF Open South Carolina, KA of PA tournament circuit, Kayak Bass Fishing Challenge Series, multiple local and tri-state area HOW fundraising even tournaments

I am a father first, business owner second, whose life has revolved around the water.  I have been fishing for over 40 years, catching big game salter water down to fresh water crappie.  My main focus is Largemouth Bass with my interests in habitat and preservation.  I started JSKFCLUB a few years back to join anglers of the same interests together and in that time I have been very involved with HOW NJ Chapter.

Joe Floriolli
When Joe Floriolli is not spending time with his wife and daughter, working, or fighting fire with Gill Hall VFC he is Fishing. Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa, Joe started fishing at a young age on the banks of the Monongahela River catching anything that would bite with his father and uncle.  Fishing has always been a huge interest to Joe, but the interest grew even more when he caught his first bass. From that day forward, Joe spent countless hours on the Mon river fishing buddy tournaments with a close friend from their Bass tracker.  When he had a weekend off from the buddy tournaments he would be on the Youghiogheny River fishing from a recreational kayak that he rigged up to fish from. Once he learned about kayak bass tournaments Joe gave up fishing from power boats and focused all of his free time on kayak fishing.  Since then joe has fished many tournaments across PA and into WV and plans to fish tournament trails across Ohio, Tennessee, New York and Virginia from his Jackson Kayak. Joes favorite baits from the 412 line are the Salt and Pepper yoda rigged on a 412 bait Co swim jig and the Phase III spinnerbait with a yoda or free worm trailer.

Nathan Rees
Growing up in rural Appalachia, it was nearly impossible to not find myself wandering around the outdoors. I picked up fishing at the early age of 4 and slowly watched it consume me and become a part of who I am. I bought a old jon boat before I bought a car. Rods, reels, and tackle became more important than a new pair of school shoes or having the latest clothing brand. It wasn’t until college that I discovered kayak fishing and I’ll never look back. The amount of water it allows you to access is incredible. Several remote streams and rivers that I’ve been fortunate to wet my line in and cast for fish that have seen very few, if any, baits their entire existence. Whether it be musky, smallmouth, or any other species that swims there is no greater satisfaction than targeting them from a kayak. Just you and the fish and may the best man win.

Jason McCormick
I have been fishing since I could walk.  Spent my early days in a walker on the floor of my father's bass boat.  I worked on a fishing boat through college in New Jersey and then joined the Army shortly after 9/11.  I was injured and subsequently ended my military time.  I moved to Tennessee where I primarily focus on bass.  I have fished out of my Ranger boat for as long as I can remember and just recently am getting into the kayak side of things.  I fish competitively in the Bassmaster series as well as the FLW FBL circuit.  I am the founder of Fishing for Soldiers, which has a bass boat division and a kayak division as well as a fair, all to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project every October.  I also am the owner of the Tennessee Toad fishing tournament which is the largest and highest paying weekly rotating ramp tournament in East TN.  I fish many local club tournaments and as many charity events as time allows.  I'm also getting into fishing the kayak tournaments competitively as well.  When not fishing, I enjoy time with my family and looking forward to our triplets that are on the way!  I enjoy showing others fishing and love to teach as well as volunteer my time with many worthy organizations.  My favorite 412 baits are the Yoda and the Enigma and you'll always find them tied on.

Chad Brock
Born and raised in the small town of Bedford, Indiana, Brock spent a lot of time playing basketball and riding dirt bikes.  It wasn't until later in life that he took up bass fishing and found refuge in the competition of the local tournament trail.  After a few years, Brock began creating what would later become BassCrazy365.Net.  With the creation of the new social media outlet, Brock began communicating with different people around the world of kayak fishing and deciding he needed to give it a try.  It was an immediate passion as he saw the benefits from being down closer to the water.  As you tour the BassCrazy365 website you will find it littered with different blogs and videos from Brock's journeys in bass fishing.  It has become a way of life as the passion continues to grow with every adventure.

B. Darian Harris
Average working stiff, not fishing for money or fame, but for an engrained passion for fishing instilled by his grandmother.  Started from red worms sitting on the bank of a small South Carolina pond to having fished in every state on the East Coast from FL to NY in his kayak.  Angling is as much a part of Darian Harris as breathing.  To him fishing is broken down to one simple philosophy, "#F3" which stands for "Fun, Fishing & Fellowship"; it's not about what gear you have or the latest or greatest rather than it's about the experience, company and memories.

Josh Agee
Josh has a loving and supporting wife, Suz, and two little fur babies, Hank & Bruno, and he's an uncle to an amazing nephew and niece.  Born and raised in the great state of TN.  Although he is fairly new to the tournament scene, he has been fishing for the majority of his life.  Hif first cast was into a local golf course pond that he and his uncle would sneak onto late in the afternoon.  As a teenager, you would find him riding down the road with a pole strapped to his Huffy, heading to the river.  Now, you will find him a kayak strapped to his truck heading to the same river every chance he gets.  That river has brought him many great memories and kept him out of a lot of trouble over the past 25 years.  He is an active member of Tennessee Kayak Anglers.  He enjoys the fellowship above the competition, and has developed a passion for sharing the sport of kayak fishing with anyone who shows an interest.

Karla Griggs
Growing up in Middle Tennessee, Karla learned to fish at an early age.  Bluegill turned into crappie, which turned into bass.  She started tournament fishing from a bass boat at the club level at 15, and the competition bug never went away.  Now, she likes to fish out of Jackson Kayaks in local creeks, rivers, and lakes, and continues her quest to catch the ever elusive smallmouth.  In the future, she hopes to travel the United States in search of the biggest smallmouth, and open a local tackle shop nestled between three lakes and two rivers.  When she's not fishing, she's either punching the time clock as a Deputy Sheriff, freelance writing about fishing, or spending time with her fiance and her family.

Blace Hutchens
Blace was raised in the rolling mountains of West Virginia. Growing up on an 81 acre farm was where his passion for the outdoors all started.  Fishing the farm pond for Crappie, Largemouth Bass and Catfish any chance he could.  As he grew older his obsession for fishing grew more intense.  His main focus then and now is the river chameleon, his all time favorite species, the Smallmouth Bass.  Blace currently resides in the town of Hinton, WV.  IT is a river rich area that includes both the Greenbriar River and the world renowned New River.  Smallmouth angling lies at the core of who he embodies himself to be.  He practically has the river running through his veins.  He gets his thrill by chasing smallmouth in a kayak.  It provides peace, solitude and a connection with nature.  He is a Jackson Kayak enthusiast and a member of the Mountain State Kayak Anglers.  Fishing is fun, but Family comes first.  He is a father of two and the husband of a hard working wife.  He enjoys the everyday life with his wife and two children.  He and his family partake in all the vibrant sights, sounds and outdoor activities that West Virginia has to offer.  Encouraging all to get outside and enjoy life.

Dave Walton
I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains in Southwest VA.  Paddling the rivers and creeks is my fondest childhood memory.  When I was 7 years old, I was on a Boy Scouts camping trip on the New River.  Everyone was in canoes and I paddled with my dad in a tandem sit inside kayak.  While the other scouts were skipping rocks and relaxing, my dad had other ideas.  He brought along two Zebco 33 fishing reels on inch rods...perfect for the river.  we fished for hours and I will never forget the freedom that I felt from fishing in that kayak.  I haven't stopped kayak fishing since that day.  My passion is fishing the Flint River for Shoal Bass.  I love the fishing environment that river fishing offers.  When I am not on the river, I enjoy stalking Redfish wherever I can find them.  I have a lot of people ask me why I kayak fish.  Fighting a fish from a kayak is an experience like no other.  Kayak fishing is low maintenance and very rewarding.  I love any "human powered" adventure that allows me to hear myself think.  I enjoy introducing new clients to the sport of kayaking and encouraging responsible paddling.  I support many local groups such as CCA, GKF/P4T and Flint River keepers by attending events/industry shows to speak and present.

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Sawyer Adams
Originally from Richmond, KY, Sawyer grew up fishing with his dad Stuart, mainly sticking to bass boats and fishing big lakes.  After high school, he moved to Tennessee where he was introduced to a new style of fishing from kayaks in small rivers and places that boats could not navigate.  Sawyer got involved with a local outfitter in the Knoxville area.  "Uncle Lems Mountain Outfitters gave me my start, and if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be where I am now.  While at Lems, I discovered 412 Bait Co. and started fishing his plastics.  I consider them some of the best plastics on the market."  As Sawyer began to get in tune with kayak fishing, he learned how to transition and now it is his favorite type of fishing!  This year Sawyer got associated with Eric Jackson, the owner of Jackson Kayaks.  He was able to get back to his roots and fish the B.A.S.S. South Open as his co-angler.  "I had a blast and learned a lot.  The 412 baits put the hurt on the fish.  I'm young in the tournament side of things, but I can't wait to see what the future holds.  It's all about enjoying the creation around us and enjoying being out on the water."